Drill driver DEKO DKCD20FU-Li
When carrying out installation, repair, construction work, it is difficult to do without a DEKO DKCD20FU-..
3 700 р
Discount -5%
DEKO DKMT108 Tool Set
DEKO DKMT108 Tool Set
The DEKO DKMT108 tool set, significant in its content, consisting of 108 items, has a universal purpose a..
4 200 р 4 000 р
Industrial vacuum cleaner Karcher WD 3 Car Vac
An industrial vacuum cleaner is a device designed to clean construction sites, hotels, industrial and com..
5 990 р
Welding mask FUBAG Ultima 5-13 Panoramic
Welding mask FUBAG Ultima 5-13 Panoramic
5-13 Panoramic
The ULTIMA 5-13 PANORAMIC SILVER Welding Helmet is eye-catching with its 3-D design and excellent perform..
7 290 р
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