Skate 2 in 1 RUSH ACTION black-purple

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The RUSH ACTION 2-in-1 sliding ice skates are designed for recreational skating. Replacing the ice blade with a roller platform. Insole length size 35-38 cm - 21.5-23.5 cm. Soft nylon boot reinforced with rigid polyurethane frame. Synthetic textile inner lining and footbed. The anatomical cut of the boot and the rigid sole provide a tight fit for the foot and protection from injury. Convenient, fast and reliable fastening mechanism consists of a lacing, a clip with a lock and Velcro.

The stainless steel blade with a special protective coating will provide the best glide on the ice. The blades are factory-sharpened. The material of the wheels on the roller frame is polyurethane, the wheel diameter is 72 mm, the bearings are ABEC-5. Maximum permissible load 80 kg. 

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