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Cambridge Audio YOYO M is a wireless stereo pair in which each speaker is equipped with a full range driver and woofer.

The Cambridge Audio YOYO M features a high quality, low distortion amplifier along with Cambridge Audio's proprietary DSP.

Cambridge Audio YOYO M supports gesture control without the need to touch the controls. By moving your hand over the device in a certain direction, you can start playback of the current track, skip to the next track, or pause playback. The built-in rechargeable batteries can be used to charge mobile devices via the USB port.

In case of an incoming call during music playback, YOYO can be used as a hands-free device, for this purpose, each model has a built-in microphone. Connection of external sources is possible both via a wireless Bluetooth channel and via an analog cable via a 3.5 mm jack.

The finishing of the speaker was done by the British textile company Marton Mills, which specially for Cambridge Audio developed an acoustically transparent fabric that almost completely covers the speaker except for the top (there are touch-sensitive control buttons on it) and bottom edges. 

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Про звук говорить не буду, считаю что в данном случае нет необходимости. Колонка от этой фирмы как всегда супер, жесты срабатывают с первого раза и четко, главное чтобы руки росли от куда надо. Приятный запах фабричного произвоства .Ну и как всегда огромное спасибо магазину за скидки и бесплатную доставку, вы лучшие!

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